Well Butter my Butt and call me a Biscuit!

First off, I have to admit that I love southern sayings.  They are funny, creative, and get the point across … some are a little more colorful than others, but we’ll just ignore those ones 😉  But that is not today’s topic.  Today’s topic is BISCUITS!

So many places here in Georgia serve biscuits, as a side, a part of a meal, or just a meal.  We’ve been trying the biscuits at each place we visit, and scoring them according to favorite.  However, that’s another post for another day.


I wasn’t born in Georgia, but I came here as fast as I could!

Okay, I’m done … back to the topic at hand.

With my new found love of biscuits, I have decided that the first step in becoming truly “southern” is to find a perfect biscuit recipe.  I’m going to try as many recipes as I can, and find the perfect one for me.

Today I cheated, and tried Bisquick.  Southern women all around will be reading this shaking their head in shame:

“You poor yankee girl, that’s just not right, bless your heart! Didn’t your Mama teach you right?”

Sorry Mama, I know you tried to teach me to cook, but I never enjoyed it like you do!  My mistakes caused you so much stress, and I NEVER make the same mistake twice … its more like six or seven times.

Instead of calling it cheating, lets call it the experimental control biscuit.  Its fairly straightforward.  2 1/4 cups biscuit, 2/3 cup milk.  I chose the drop-biscuit variety, and my next control will be the rolled variety, just to be fair … and because I have a box of bisquick to use up.  I only made 6 biscuits, though the recipe says it should make 9.  I figured the control needed to be big enough for me to make a fair analysis.


Without jam, they were a little dry.  They flaked nicely, and with strawberry jam they were good enough to try another one … for the experiment’s sake of course.  My husband happily ate one, but my 3 year old toddler turned her nose up at them.  We won’t hold her opinion against the biscuit though, she is going through a very picky stage and won’t eat anything delicious unless there is chocolate involved (can’t fault a girl for needing her chocolate!)

Overall, a good control, edible, and I wouldn’t even be horrified to share with guests … until they asked for the recipe and found out my skills were limited to a box.  So, next up will probably be the second control: Bisquick Rolled Biscuits.

Wish me luck … and share any recipes you have!  Unless its your great-great-grandmother’s top secret recipe, and she would come back to haunt you for sharing it with me.

Next up … figuring out a walking schedule to work off all these DELICIOUS calories!


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