Girls Camp FREEBIES :)


Our church {The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-Day Saints} has a “young women” program – basically Youth Group – for girls ages 12-18.  One of the big adventure we would have was Summer Girls Camp … a week of roughing it, camping, learning outdoor skills, being close to nature, and learning gospel principles while away from all the chaos of the world.  It was always a big highlight of my summers, and I was so excited when my daughter was invited to participate this year (She’s barely shy of 12).

Girls Camp circa 1995 🙂

In addition to bunkmates, year groups, friends, etc, we also would often do “Secret Sisters” – we’d each be assigned another girl to give little notes, treats, and service to throughout the week of camp.  My daughter had some really fun ideas for her Secret Sister, and I helped design her ideas into easy printables that look cute!

They print off as 4×6 photos, so we actually just had them printed at a local lab, and taped them to to corresponding goodie.

Screen Shot 2015-06-02 at 11.28.42 AM


Gummy Bears {Camp would be unBEARable without you}

Pair of fun socks {Hope Camp knocks your socks off}

Lifesavers {Luke 9:24}

Mini Flashlight {Teach me to walk in the light of His love}

Bubbles {Girls Camp is like bubbles, it can really lift you up}

Smarties Candy {Be a Smartie, remember to read your scriptures}

Chapstick {Poem about speaking kind words}

Glow Stick {Thanks for letting your testimony GLOW this week}

“Extra” brand gum {The difference between ordinary and EXTRAordinary is the little bit of extra}

Star themed gift (We got a light up star necklace) {Lyrics to “I am like a STAR shining brightly”}


TO DOWNLOAD THESE PRINTABLES, CLICK HERE, and use password: “Secret Sisters”


***These printables are for PERSONAL USE only.  Do not redistribute, sell, edit, or use for any commercial use***


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