SweetPea (age 3) [yelling]: “Mama, where are you?!”
Me: “I’m in the bathroom”
[door knob wiggles]
SweetPea: “Why da door don’t open?”
Me: “Because I locked it.”
SweetPea: “WHAT DA HECK?!”


Visiting Teaching Handout Sept 2014

September 2014’s visiting teaching message:

The Divine Mission of Jesus Christ: Comforter

I made a small handout for the women I plan to visit.  They print as a 4×6.  The vertical one is designed to be a bookmark, just punch a hole in the marked spot, and feed a ribbon through.

Feel free to use FOR PERSONAL USE ONLY.

VTsept2014 VTsept2014bookmark

{Design elements from EMD Sunflower Designs, Karen Diamond Designs, and Harper Finch}

{for personal use only}  

{Feel free to link or print, but do not redistribute or sell}  

Together Forever …

Our 14th anniversary came and went in the middle of the moving chaos.  We didn’t do much, just enjoyed relaxing at our new home in Georgia. If you haven’t read the beginning of our story, I wrote it out as an anniversary gift a few years ago:

J & E – Part One

J & E – Part Two

J & E – Part Three

J & E – Part Four

J & E – Part Five

J & E – Part Six

J & E – Part Seven

J & E – Part Eight

J & E – Part Nine

J & E – Part Ten {The Proposal}


Home Sweet Home

Home Sweet Home

We have been here for 5 days now. That’s it. And we can’t imagine ever leaving. NorthEast Georgia is stunning, breathtaking, peaceful, and charming. The little towns with town squares and local stores. Small rolling meadows surrounded by thousands of … Continue reading

Meal Planning during a move!

We have 13 days, and I still have tons of food in our fridge and pantry … yikes! We decided we need to eat this stuff, but its all the food from “the pantry is full, but there’s nothing to eat” category. So, I made a little image that prints off on a regular page. I can list the meal ideas, and what ingredients it uses, but it doesn’t commit us to a specific meal per day. Hopefully it helps us! I’m sharing the image in case anyone else wants to use it for PERSONAL USE :

Meal Planning during a move!

Disney Dogs

I saw this video today, and had to share! I love how the service dog plays with pluto, and how kind and attentive the Disney crew is! Some day I will talk my husband into a Disney cruise 😉